Wind Tech U is a program at Optimum Academy that trains new technicians to enter the Wind Industry. 

You will gain skills and qualifications to not only get your foot in the door but start ahead of the rest of the candidates out there.

A full solution for launching your career in wind

GWO training and certification at

the nation’s premier GWO Training


Employment opportunities with

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Priority Placement and Interviews for Graduates

Wind turbine climbs with instructor    hands-on, guided tours


Our goal with Wind Tech U
is to make your career
decision easier.

We know because we are technicians too!
All of our instructors are Rope Access Technicians with real-world experience.
Optimum Instructors have in field experience working in the Wind Industry.


This 3.5 Day course is a complete introduction to all the core skills needed to work safely as a wind technician, combining the 4 GWO modules: Working At Height with Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, and First Aid.

3 Days of GWO Training include Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue,  Hub, Spinner, and Inside Blade rescue. These modules teach casualty rescue operations in a turbine using industry-standard rescue equipment, rescue methods, and techniques. Combined with Confined Spaces, technicians will be fully prepared to enter and rescue out of permit spaces.  This course includes a Confined Space Entry & Rescue Certification.  

This 4 Day GWO course will get Students ready to work as Technicians. Three modules, including Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic, provide hands-on skills throughout the curriculum.

This 3 Day improves ability and knowledge for safe work including Basic Safety, Hydraulics, and Electrical.

This 1 Day training focuses on the challenges of confined spaces within wind turbines. Proper confined space permits and documentation will be addressed, along with skills, tools, and rescue devices needed to perform entry and rescue at multiple locations  classified as confined spaces. Classroom and practical learning methods will both be used.

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Interior of ORA Facility
Interior of ORA Facility
Interior of ORA Facility

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