Technicians should NOT have to risk their lives to go to work!

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Do your technicians have the proper training and certifications?

Are they trained to respond to trauma and other emergencies while working at height? 


Are your technicians' certifications current?

Do they feel comfortable and confident to do their jobs?

Are your technicians a liability for your company?


Choosing an efficient, high-quality training solution can be difficult.

We know because we are technicians too!
All of our instructors are Rope Access Technicians with real-world experience.
Optimum Instructors have in field experience working in the Wind Industry.

Optimum Academy is the Industry Leader in High-Quality GWO Wind Turbine Safety Training and Certification


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Optimum Academy's Training Courses

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This 3.5 Day course is a complete introduction to all the core skills needed to work safely as a wind technician, combining the 4 GWO modules: Working At Height with Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, and First Aid.


*BST Modules can also be taken individually. 

Working at Height (GWO WAH)  - 2 Days = $1000

First Aid (GWO FA) - 1 Day = $500

Fire Awareness (GWO FAW) - 1/2 Day = $375

Manual Handling (GWO MH) - 1/2 Day = $250

3 Days of GWO Training include Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue,  Hub, Spinner, and Inside Blade rescue. These modules teach casualty rescue operations in a turbine using industry-standard rescue equipment, rescue methods, and techniques. Combined with Confined Spaces, technicians will be fully prepared to enter and rescue out of permit spaces.  This course includes a Confined Space Entry & Rescue Certification.  
(Please contact us for pricing if Student already has a Confined Space Rescue & Entry Certification)

*Prerequisites: GWO BST: Fist Aid, Working at Height, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness 


This 4 Day GWO course will get Students ready to work as Technicians. Three modules, including Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic, provide hands-on skills throughout the curriculum.


This 3 Day GWO course will prepare Technicians for understanding LOTO and hazardous energy in a wind turbine environment. Three modules include, Basic Safety, Electrical Safety, and Pressure Fluids.

* Prerequisite BTT for Electrical & Pressure Fluid modules


This 1 Day class engages students in the skills from both ART modules, but performing them as a single rescuer. Students will gain beneficial problem solving skills.


This 2 Day Refresher class covers the entire BST curriculum and meeting the GWO Standard. Students will have the opportunity to go through Working at Height, Fire Awareness and First Aid with new perspective from working in the field. 

*Prerequisite GWO BST


The ART 3 Day Refresher covers Nacelle, Tower, Basement and Hub, Spinner, Blade Rescues. Optimum adds Confined Space Entry & Rescue Refresher to a fill ART program and Refresher to be sure students and employers meet OSHA requirements for working in Permit Spaces.

*Prerequisite GWO BST and ART, Confined Space


This 1 Day training focuses on the challenges of confined spaces within wind turbines. Proper confined space permits and documentation will be addressed, along with skills, tools, and rescue devices needed to perform entry and rescue. Classroom and practical learning methods will both be used.

*This course is also available combined with GWO ART Hub.



SPRAT is a 5-Day rope access course that uses double rope techniques, specialized equipment, and training for a versatile career of working at height. This class consists of 4 days of skills training and 1 day of evaluation by a certified SPRAT Evaluator.

Levels: L1, L2, L3


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