NEW Optimum Rewards Program

Optimum offers discounts to customers who send multiple technicians to train at Optimum Academy.  

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Optimum Rewards Program

 Send More Techs, Save More Money!

Optimum offers discounts to customers who send multiple technicians to train at Optimum Academy.

These discounts will be offered in two ways: Annual Quantity & Course Groups.

Annual Quantity Discounts

The Annual Quantity discount will be offered in tiers. Companies booking multiple technicians

throughout the year will be placed in a respective tier based on the cumulative number of technicians

they send to train over the course of the calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31). The tiers are as follows:

Number of Students
1-4 Students
- - -
5-8 Students
9-20 Students
21+ Students

*Discounts apply to each technician in that tier only and are not retroactive to previous students.

Course Grouping Discounts

It helps us when companies help us keep our classes full by sending multiple technicians at one time.

Therefore, we will also offer the following discounts for technicians booked in groups.

Number of StudentsDiscount
1-2 Students- - -
3-4 Students$100 / Tech
5-8 Students$150 / Tech
9+ Students$200 / Tech

*No, you cannot stack discounts. However, the discount of greater value will be applied.

*Course Grouping Discounts will only apply to the combined courses of three days or more i.e. GWO 4 Day BST, GWO 3 Day Refresher, GWO 4 Day ART, and Bundled 3 courses

Gear Sale Discounts

In addition to the above discounts, Optimum offers a 15% discount to all students on gear sales.  Some exceptions apply.  For more information on gear sales, please visit OptimumGear.Rocks.

* The New Optimum Rewards program begins October 15, 2021. Discounts will not be applied retroactively for students that have already attended Optimum Academy in 2021. Companies will, however, be placed in their appropriate tier and receive the respective discounts moving forward.

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